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Taking your Boat on a Trip?

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Here's a list of essential on-board items to ensure smooth sailing.

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Can't Leave the Dock without Them

Planning a trip via vessel takes a lot of preparation and triple checking. We've got you covered on our end. Whether you're headed for the Bahamas or Costa Rica, keeping these items on board makes for easy travel and a happy crew.

Keep the deck clean after spending the day catching tuna offshore.

Instead of packing all of your cleaning and drying gear, bring a Palm Beach Pole, and switch out your brushes and mop heads whenever you need to. Snap-Ons and Big Bird Brushes make for easy storage during a trip where space is important.

For Brushes or Bait!

You can bring the TD Bucket on your trip for cleaning, or for keeping your bait ready to go when the next bite hits!

Protect & Organize

An organized boat is a well-run machine. Keep your mops organized and protected from weather with the Mop Top. Your mops will be clean and stay damp for longer, so they will be ready to use. These are great to have on-board for short or long trips.

Have a Fantastic Trip!

Find all TD Mop deck brushes, chamois mops, and boat detailing equipment on our online store.

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