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Maya's Mitt: The New Cleaning Tool You Can't Live Without

Updated: Mar 14

The Latest TD Mop product is available now!

Introducing Maya's Mitt - the ultimate cleaning towel you can also use to dry!

You can use Maya's Mitt with just water, or you can add soap for a deeper clean.

The best part? All grime and dirt washes out with water.

Once you wring out the towel, use it to dry the surface, too! The sponge-like material acts as a great cleaning tool and an absorbent cloth.

We've been craving a product that accomplishes a little of everything, and Maya's Mitt is a jack of all trades. Purchase online to try it for yourself.

Click the image to watch a short video of Maya's Mitt in action.

Shop online for Maya's Mitt.

Maya's Mitt on Deck

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Watch the Maya's Mitt clip here.

Thanks for reading!

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