Get your job done in no time.

After a long day out at sea, cleaning up your boat can be tiring. TD Mop™ products have superior water absorption power and durability that help you get your job done quickly. All TD Mops are made with premium-grade chamois with triple-layered absorption technology. TD Mop will help increase the life of painted surfaces, aluminum, and enclosures by preventing hard water spots from ever forming.

Superior absorption power.

Designed for the most demanding captains and crews all over the world, TD Mop™ is a premium -grade boat cleaning product that will dry any surface streak free. TD Mop Products are carefully assembled so as not to leave surface scratches. ​


Wide strips of premium-grade material allow more time between wringing  by absorbing an incredible amount of liquid.

Surface Layer

Surface Layer

Middle Layer

Three layers of absorption materials make our mops more durable and strong. No ripping!

All TD Mops are made with wide strips that help generate their superb absorption power.

Triple-layered absorption technology.

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