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The Best Chamois Cloth for Boats and Cars

Interested in learning about the chamois cloth? You came to the right place.

Your chamois cloth can be the best alternative to drying tools that are only good for one use. Paper towels, for example, are great in a pinch for spills, but many people opt for a chamois cloth that can be used continuously for months or years!

What To Use It On:

Cars, boats, aircraft, and in-home uses are among the most popular means of using a chamois cloth. After washing boats, cars, and planes, the chamois cloth dries the surface streak-free without leaving water spots behind.

The chamois cloth is also useful in the kitchen. Keep it on hand to dry off the counter or dry dishes instead of wasting towels. Pro tip: the chamois cloth can be washed on a gentle cycle to keep it clean if you want to use it for more sanitary purposes - like drying dishes.

What Is the Best Chamois Cloth To Use?

Our synthetic chamois cloth, The HydroSwipe, is a premium drying towel that our customers have been using since 1975. It has superior absorption power and features durable material that doesn’t lose adsorption capability. Use it over and over again. It is lightweight, glides across the surface, and quick to dry. Find HydroSwipe here.

How To Use a Chamois Cloth

Soak your cloth in water to activate it. Once it is dense with water, wring it out. Now, the chamois cloth is ready to use on all nonporous surfaces. Simply glide the cloth across the surface to soak up the water. The cloth will dry and become stiff again; simply wet it to use again.

Learn what makes the chamois cloth so effective here.

How To Clean a Chamois Cloth

Your chamois cloth is safe to clean on your washing machine’s gentle cycle. If it is still soiled, soak the chamois cloth in a bucket of water with half a cup of vinegar to further eliminate dirt from the material.

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